• I thought I was the queen of unique, vintage and cool finds, that was until I met Nat! I gladly pass over my crown. With Nat's wicked personal style it's only natural that Second Loves is the one stop shop for my dream wardrobe. There's also always threads that are perfect for whatever shoot I may be doing at the time. But most importantly, the underlying reason behind Second Loves is all about reusing and recycling and trying to bring awareness to, that while we live in a consumers society, we can choose the way in which we consume.
    Celeste Twikler-Jewellery Designer + Artist
  • While living in Australia few years ago, I had to go back to France. But it's an absolute pleasure to have received this beautiful and one of a kind jacket from the other side of the world, thank you so much Second Loves! xxx Bonne journée xx
    Johanna Rolland -from France
  • My favourite Second Loves piece to date is the vintage 70's jumpsuit I was lucky enough to purchase a while back. It's absolutely beautiful! Nat is always such a pleasure to deal with and I continue to be impressed with the unique selection, I often wish I could fill my wardrobe with the gems from Second Loves.
    Camilla Johansson-Merrick-Sydney
  • I am happy to own some of Second Loves unique clothes. It brings a bit of the Byron vibe to the other side of the world, in beautiful Austria. Chosen by Nat with love and passion. I believe that every piece tells a story and I feel blessed to be part of it.
    Nadine Pramhas-Austria
  • Thank you for my vintage gems! Love love love, I'll be buying more in the future no doubt.
    Alita Moloney -Balmoral, Queensland
  • Thankyou Second Loves for my beautiful vintage brocade stitch bag. I love it and love the little crystal placed in the bag. This is my second item that I have purchased online and have to say that everything from sizing, postage, description and photos on your social media is fabulous and makes shopping online very easy. I visit your pages everyday, keep up the brilliant work x
    Jo Eggert -The Whitsundays