Meet Us By The Sea Byron Bay

Meet You By The Sea


What a perfect way to end any weekend. A bunch of friends catching up on a Sunday afternoon for a few beers at one
of my favourite beaches, Byron Bay region. Enjoying nature, dancing barefoot on the sand, dipping our toes in the ocean and hearing beautiful live music. With views of the ocean, the light house and the sun setting to the west we were surrounded by endless natural beauty. How lucky we are! It was a delight to see everyone rocking vintage and secondhand  clothing and hats by Will And Bear. 


Vintage Threads by Second Loves – Shop – Ladies and Mens or if you’re in Byron Bay make an appointment to see the full collection, which is more than what is online at any one time. Enjoy a new shopping experience in my backyard with a cup of tea or a beer. Pop by on your own or with a few friends. Email 


Thanx to Will And Bear for designing such beautiful hats
1 hat = 10 trees planted 


Thank you to the VanderAa brothers for indulging us with their amazing music 


And our gorgeous friends for joining us  

Nat xx 

Second Loves Middle Eastern Mermaid Vintage Dress Photoshoot


Afghan Vintage Dresses Photoshoot

Afghan Vintage Dresses Photoshoot

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What a magical morning, spent with a small and very talented team. We came together on the shores of Chelsea Beach as I was in need of showcasing these stunning Afghan vintage dresses. A part of being on the road that I love so much, is the amazing people I cross paths with and the generosity and creativity that can come from these meetings. This intimate gathering is a perfect example.

These beautiful vintage dresses are traditional attire from Afghanistan and are adorned with such intricate beading, coins, lace and stitching work. I am in awe of the beauty and hard work that goes into each and every one of them! Some of the jewellery used in the shoot is from the Kuchi { ‘those who go on migration’ } people of Afghanistan, who are the true gypsies/nomads of the land and travel from place to place as a way of life.

Nat xx

Much gratitude + love to these beauties ::

Photography :: Irene Cornerstone

Muses :: Jade Murphy  +  Bree Murphy

Stylist :: Monique Stahl

Assistant :: Bonnie Sullivan

Vintage Suede Leather Jacket

Mimi X Animalia

L O V E   E V E R Y T H I N G 

Photography 35mm, styling & story Melody Jasmine
Muse Mimi Elashiry
Clothing Vintage from our fave Mumma Sarah Phoenix and swimsuit/jacket All That Remains is Love

Mimi X Animalia www.ontheroadwithmelody.comMimi X Animalia 6 37 36 33 31 20  19 48 copy-2.jpg 16 13 12 11 Mimi X Animalia

39 Vintage Suede Leather Jacket 42 Vintage Suede Leather Jacket 46 40

Mimi X Animalia

From the start I knew this was going to be a beautiful shoot, not because it was going to be with ‘MIMI The Star’ but because it was going to be with Mimi the super creative, captivating natural beauty with the most incredible spirit that shines through so brightly.

I feel there’s a huge trust placed upon you photographing someone, and with this shoot we just hung out and let it all happen so organically, loaned our dream clothing from best friends (@sarah_phoenix) and decided we needed a day hugging animals, & who doesn’t! There is always such a spontaneity in shooting film & that’s why I love it, and I hope that the images capture that raw essence which I felt so much on the day. We pretty much had 10 different types of animal poo on each foot so it was never going to be a very serious shoot anyway was it!

Never a dull moment with this girl, and when my eyes were tired (must get glasses!) from looking through my lens for too long, step back and have a laugh while my eyes are blurred out and all I could see was a huge beautiful smile beaming back at me. Best day. Must get more animals. Must get glasses. Love Mimi. Love everything.

Vintage Suede Reversible Jacket from Second Loves – Courtesy of Sarah Phoenix – I cant wait to see it on you next Sarah! 

Love your work Melody, I’m mesmorised by everything in this shoot, thank you for your creativity and vision.

Nat xx

Woodstock Music Festival Style

Style Of Woodstock

Woodstock Music Festival Style Fashion 11755271_10153440120281730_5259824186384229650_n 10609683_10152596221271730_6224826245399523383_n 10613160_10152599334846730_279334171682069972_n 10441168_10152468548571730_7982504961496352969_n 11221908_10153494239256730_5052799672309006286_n 10006575_10152306658446730_6958634716363287826_n 10403630_10152598940166730_3754850743565810062_n 10702168_10152674205001730_8219821718213985323_n 10013520_10152380867791730_1815363303712358497_n 10406841_10152758037651730_3483868379533972433_n 10696203_10152758037831730_4301624721993666409_n 1391892_10152772808876730_1208493695757395356_n 10636319_10152640713956730_2344658250136956369_n 11751845_10153421356396730_7323649507012797589_n 11029554_10153077846786730_1206285629810905855_n 11009979_10153419247706730_6766860926771763113_n 11752569_10153451532356730_6765147414064097678_n 11800273_10153462861256730_6255304480989702028_n 11892219_10153494234466730_2906549701228217993_n 11013359_10153496856246730_7576951420102933814_n 10268486_262995257216621_7199107498850792129_n 1458674_215024082013739_81076745_n 10441279_279514452231368_2389015223937530523_n 11885063_10153521712771730_6648707036867200673_n 10253965_262995353883278_5005932621188784559_n 5527_245571358959011_1144658635_n 10404481_300952183420928_8596481388726674588_n 10629685_300952656754214_4985713356867634240_n 10435840_279515002231313_2234140572722134701_n 10341821_271455726370574_1526234908550189883_n 10350443_271454966370650_7235343162630999688_n 10352982_293890794127067_2811443709392883122_n 10462827_279515158897964_6954913763521844874_n 10169313_262995120549968_599538352695939798_n 10308082_271455016370645_671916896815309505_n 10629623_300952006754279_1679598016148179568_n 1545820_300952520087561_4837153533851819847_n 1379715_210270235822457_671300273_n 10561573_300952513420895_7269679192035923338_n 1780840_251376735045140_1415858992_n 10418341_279515062231307_1396009122349336687_n 10350538_271455453037268_2081493534436095811_n 10157323_262995690549911_6072622277668699579_n 10580270_293891280793685_4424912116028671333_n


Let there be music
Let there be mud
Let there be peace
Let there be fashion
Let there be freedom
Let there be meditation
Let there be style
Let there be revolution
Let there be travel
Let there be friends
Let there be love
Let there be the unknown
Let there be W O O D S T O C K

These are some of my faves from the music festival that paved the way for festivals as we know them today. Also stoked to stumble across some pics I had never seen. The style continues to blow my mind, nearly 50 years on. Can I please be dressed every day as if I’m going to a festival.

Peace + Love
Nat xxx

Soap Nuts – Conscious Washing


main pic

Sopa Nuts Conscious Washing


For all you secondhand and vintage lovers out there that shop consciously, now you can also wash your clothes that way! I have been using soap nuts for the last few years, wish I had know about them sooner! I noticed no difference in my clothes when I changed over from a washing powder/liquid, except that I didn’t have empty containers + boxes to discard of. These little nuts {well they’re actually soap berries – follow link below for detailed info} are not only a better option for health reasons and eliminating chemicals and wastage but also for our precious environment.  A 500g bag lasts me about a year, only costing me $20, which I think is fantastic for an all natural and organic product. I use approx. 6 nuts at a time for around half a dozen washes. Then all I do is throw them into the garden as they are de-compostable and re-fill the muslin bag that comes with the soap nuts. Happy conscious washing!

Byron Bay

Byron Flea Market

Byron Bay

Flea Market



Byron Bay had their first Flea Market at the YAC this weekend, funds raised went back into the Youth Centre. I was lucky to score some rad goodies and at the same time help support the local community. I managed to walk with a stunning velvet dress- from San Fran in the 70’s, a tapestry bomber jacket with both baroque and a spanish twist, Goddess Of Babylon leather tassel bag, Dire Straights record “Brother In Arms” + A Vintage Mink Fur Coat. To top it all off the gorgeous Italian couple of Peppe Pizza were serving their traditional Italian wood fired pizzas. Perfect for brekky in the bay on a rainy Saturday morning. Hoping there’s another one soon.

Peppe Pizza

To find out when the next Flea Market is on check out their Facebook page